Grand Theft Auto 6 Announced: Release Date, Platforms


Grand Theft Auto 6 Finally Announced, Coming October 25, 2024

After years of anticipation, Rockstar Games has finally announced Grand Theft Auto 6. The game will be released on October 25, 2024 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. A cloud-streamed version of the game will also be available for PC and mobile devices.

Set in the fictional city of Vice City, Grand Theft Auto 6 tells the story of two playable characters, a drug dealer and a hustler, who must work together to survive in the criminal underworld. The game features a vast open world, with a variety of different activities to explore, including car theft, drug dealing, and assassinations.

“Grand Theft Auto 6 is the largest and most ambitious game we’ve ever made,” said Sam Houser, co-founder of Rockstar Games. “We’ve put a lot of love and attention into every detail, and we’re confident that players will love what we’ve created.”

The announcement of Grand Theft Auto 6 has been met with excitement from fans around the world. The game is one of the most anticipated titles of all time, and it is sure to be a critical and commercial success.

Here are some of the key features of Grand Theft Auto 6:

  • A vast open world set in Vice City
  • Two playable characters, a drug dealer and a hustler
  • A variety of different activities to explore, including car theft, drug dealing, and assassinations
  • A deep and immersive story
  • Stunning visuals and graphics
  • A groundbreaking multiplayer mode

Grand Theft Auto 6 is sure to be one of the biggest games of 2024. Fans of the series will not want to miss this epic adventure.

Pre-orders for Grand Theft Auto 6 are now available. Players who pre-order the game will receive exclusive bonuses, including early access to the game and in-game items.

Stay tuned for more information about Grand Theft Auto 6 in the coming months.



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